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Copake Grange Theater Seat Dedication

Copake Grange Theater  Seat Dedication
Copake Grange Theater  Seat Dedication

Seat selection is on a First-Come Basis

Act now to get the seat of your choice!

Why Dedicate a Seat?

The Copake Grange is proud of its history as the oldest, continuously operating cultural institution in the Roe Jan Area. Since 1903, the stage has hosted countless theater productions, musical programs, lectures, fun presentations, and community activities. Now, it’s your chance to support the Copake Grange in one of the most meaningful and special ways that an individual can—by dedicating a theater seat to a friend, loved one, organization, or just for you. With your help the show will go on! 

By "buying a ticket," you are DEDICATING A SEAT. The choice of wording is yours - your name, the name of a friend or family member,  a few lines of poetry, a quote, a thought or whatever can fit on 5 lines of no more than 40 characters. 

For example:

Bob and Mary Harper

Copake, New York

In honor of Joe Granger

A Good Friend and Kind Soul

Thank you for your support!

Your loving sister Mary Granger

A true friend is someone who asks how 

you are and then waits to hear the answer.

Thank you, Sally, for being my friend!



We love you with all our hearts!

Your kids,

Tommy, Jimmy, and Kenny



    We appreciate your support and are delighted that you have chosen to dedicate a theater seat at Grange Hall. Plaques will be in place by September 1, 2023. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

    +$3.00 service fee

    On Sale

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