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We are the Friends of Copake Grange #935

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In 2019, our small group came together and established a 501c3 with the sole purpose of supporting the Copake Grange. 

Today, we are actively involved in fundraising initiatives to improve Grange Hall and expand the organization's program activities. 

We love the Copake Grange and want to see it prosper.
We hope you will join us in our efforts.

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Copake Grange Hall  628 Empire Road Copake, NY 12516

In the Hamlet of Copake, New York stands Grange Hall, a tall grey building impressive in its forthrightness. It was built in 1903 by members of the Roe Jan community. Today more than 100 years later, it is the heart and soul of Copake. 

The Friends of Copake Grange #935 are committed to preserving Grange Hall and supporting the Grange's outstanding community programs.


Copake Grange 935 is a non-profit community organization comprised of local members from the Roe Jan area in and around Copake, New York. We are a local chapter of the National Grange, an organization over 150 years old that is dedicated to supporting and advancing the life of rural communities, particularly those with agricultural roots. Our Grange Hall, built in 1903, with its 94-seat theater and meeting spaces, is a location dedicated to bringing the community together through lectures, plays and performances, and serves as a civic center to advance local initiatives that can benefit our rural community.

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